Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Politifact reminded us again the other day it should be taken as seriously as the newspaper’s horoscope column.  This time they “rated” whether Democratic candidate for governor “Mary Burke ‘has proven on the Madison Board of Education’ that she supports raising taxes and spending.” Here is their conclusion: The Wisconsin Republican […]

      From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Zielinski’s former newspaper) Recall organizers in January submitted 931,053 signatures against Walker, and the accountability board staff has now determined 900,938 of them are valid, according to memos released Thursday. For Kleefisch, 842,854 were submitted and 808,990 were deemed valid. Wouldn’t you just love to find out what […]

Democratic Party spokesman Graeme Zielinski seems to have a rather unique view of the job duties of a major party spokesman. In response to an inquiry by PolitiFact, Zielinski said, “Why do we have to do your homework for you? Go ask the executive office. Google. You arrive at the same conclusions regardless of whether […]

“Man MKE” at Uppity Wisconsin responds to this criticism by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he got the story of Governor Scott Walker’s pay raise wrong. It was all Walker’s fault: I doubt that the mainstream media’s lack of coverage on the raise was deliberate. The world moves fast and the two events weren’t obviously […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s “PolitiFact” rates some leftwing bloggers on their ridiculous claim that Governor Scott Walker is giving himself a pay raise while freezing the pay of state workers. Of course, the governor’s pay was set by the previous legislature and governor, something those leftwing bloggers should have known. Ironically, PolitiFact’s look into the […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s ridiculous “PolitiFact” strikes again, and comes up with a result so absurd that they should be ashamed they wasted the pixels. The actually examined Governor Scott Walker’s statement, “This new tuition reciprocity agreement with the State of Minnesota makes college education more affordable for Wisconsin residents. Smaller tuition bills widen access […]

I have not been a fan of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s “Politifact” since it began, and I find no reason to start liking it now. Politifact looked at the question of whether Wisconsin created half of the jobs nationally in June. Amazingly, they mentioned the MacIver Institute but somehow missed my op-ed that shoots them […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s failed experiment at playing fact checker of politicians finally found an error worth commenting on – their own. When Governor Scott Walker requested federal funds for the Hiawatha line between Chicago and Milwaukee, they originally rated it as a “half-flip” in the governor’s position. However, Politifact, without any explanation of the […]

This is seriously unprofessional. Now, I’m not the type that goes looking to be outraged by reading Eugene Kane’s column in the newspaper. I actually think he writes some items that are a lot more thoughtful than most conservatives are willing to give him credit. If I really want to be outraged, I’ll read the […]