Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

From the Waukesha Freeman: Because the sales of crypts at the cemetery have declined, Brenner said an advertising mailer will soon be going out to Waukesha households. “We had a goal of selling 64 crypts and have sold only 13 so far this year, so we plan on offering discounts on selected crypts,” he said. […]

I’m sympathetic to parents who don’t want their child’s school to close, but the Waukesha school district has an over capacity problem with building space. Even if the school district goes to referendum, the school district still has too much classroom space for the number of students in the Waukesha school district. Facilities cost money […]

How long before Waukesha Alderman Rick Tortomasi suggests smoking and non-smoking sections at the (publicly-owned) Prairie Home Cemetery? “I’m sorry, but the smoking section is all filled. Did your loved-one like pets?” Print this entry

Here’s a question for the Waukesha Common Council. If the publicly-owned Prairie Home Cemetary couldn’t compete with private companies because they weren’t selling all of the accoutrements of burial, why are we encouraging so-called “green burials”? Print this entry

The (publicly owned) Prairie Home Cemetery in Waukesha is looking to spend $20,000 to figure out where to bury the pets and where to bury the people who don’t want caskets. They’re asking City Administrator Lori Luthor if they should put it out to bid. Like asking Edward I who should be king of Scotland, […]