Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Not that long ago, a local public official complained that I was bringing up something from the past. That prompted a response from me to the effect that the oracular function of the newspaper is usually restricted to the horoscopes, and that most of what appeared in a newspaper occurred in the past. I should […]

And I thought I asked screwball poll questions sometimes. Public Policy Polling, which recently admitted the primary election season did not enhance their brand, asked New Hampshire voters who they are supporting for President in 2016. Seriously people, we need to get through the conventions, this fall’s elections and the elections next year before we […]

The research department at the Wigderson Institute of Advanced Polling has a new poll asking for your participation (with the usual disclaimer that the poll is 100% accurate in measuring the opinions of the participants with no margin of error.) Print this entry

If you will vote in the Republican primary, whom would you prefer? Herman Cain (32%, 38 Votes) Sarah Palin (16%, 19 Votes) Michelle Bachmann (15%, 18 Votes) Tim Pawlenty (13%, 15 Votes) Mitt Romney (9%, 11 Votes) Gary Johnson (3%, 4 Votes) Jon Huntsman (3%, 3 Votes) Newt Gingrich (9%, 2 Votes) Total Voters: 117 […]

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is out. Where will his potential supporters go? Can Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty finally make the sale? Is former Governor Mitt Romney the heir apparent? Daniels had seven votes in the poll on my page that was launched on Friday. For whom will you vote now? The poll is on the […]

On the right hand side of the page is a Presidential Preference Poll (unscientific, of course). As the presidential candidates jump in and out of the race interest will certainly pick up. The Lovely Doreen and I have not endorsed a candidate (I don’t believe in endorsements) but I am curious which way my conservative […]