Saturday, October 21st, 2017

Over at the MacIver Institute I took a look back at the accomplishments of the Wisconsin legislature in 2015. While much was done, much remains to be done. There were accomplishments. Wisconsin passed Right to Work legislation. The state Food Share program was reformed; safeguards were added to reduce fraud and 4,500 recipients found work […]

An advantage of running a political campaign in the midst of the budget process is that you get to hear directly from your constituents what issues are of concern to them. The example is State Rep Chris Kapenga who just won a special Republican primary election for state senate in the Waukesha area. Kapenga told […]

Why isn’t a prevailing wage bill passing? I asked and answered that question at RightWisconsin. To understand the Republicans, we need to understand the French. No, not the Marquis de Lafayette. The French soldiers waving the white flag in 1917. Print this entry

Owen Robinson deals with the issue of a mandatory “prevailing wage” at length. No, really. At length.He concludes: Just remember, “prevailing wage” laws are not about making sure people are paid fairly. It’s about making sure that non-union labor – including volunteers – doesn’t have a competitive advantage through lower prices. In the end, it […]