Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

Democratic pollster Public Policy Polling (PPP) has Texas Senator Ted Cruz leading by 1 over Donald Trump. They are not one of my favorite polling firms when it comes to predicting election outcomes in Wisconsin, but this is what they had to say: The Republican race is close, with Ted Cruz at 38% to 37% […]

How is this a service to their readers? The Cap Times has an election model of poll averages they’re using to forecast the election. Hey, it worked for that Nate Silver guy, right? But they’re still using in their average a result from a discredited poll that even the pollster won’t defend. Now they’re including […]

St. Nick a ghost of Christmas future Waukesha Freeman Opinion, 12/13/12 Page A6   Last week was the St. Nick holiday. Let me issue the parental warning that what follows may be too sensitive for young eyes and ears. I have no idea what the holiday is supposed to be about. We didn’t celebrate it […]

Public Policy Polling is showing former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan are ahead of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in Wisconsin. Romney-Ryan now leads 48-47 in their latest poll results. The biggest change Ryan’s selection seems to have brought about is the unification of the GOP. Romney’s gone from […]

And I thought I asked screwball poll questions sometimes. Public Policy Polling, which recently admitted the primary election season did not enhance their brand, asked New Hampshire voters who they are supporting for President in 2016. Seriously people, we need to get through the conventions, this fall’s elections and the elections next year before we […]

Former Governor Tommy Thompson’s Senate campaign just received another jolt of bad news tonight with the release of the latest Public Policy Polling senate poll. David Dewhurst tonight became just the latest in a line of establishment Republicans to lose in Senate primaries this year, and it looks Tommy Thompson could be next on the […]

The New York Times’ Nate Silver looked at the final polling numbers, including Public Policy Polling’s last poll, and said a victory by Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is looking increasingly unlikely. Although the contest is fairly close, polls of gubernatorial races are ordinarily quite reliable in the late stages of a race. We have not […]

The latest Public Policy Poll (PPP) complete results are up and they show Governor Scott Walker winning 50%-47% over challenger Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. In the sample, voters chose President Barack Obama by 7 points. PPP puts the best spin possible on the poll for the Democrats by saying that if the Democrats had the […]

Nate Silver, the campaign numbers guru for the New York Times, says Governor Scott Walker will likely survive the recall challenge. (His hate mail from Democrats has probably already started.) Silver says of the recall, Mr. Walker leads his Democratic opponent, Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee, by an average of six percentage points in those […]

Many of you have already heard about the PPP poll in Wisconsin released on Thursday for the US Senate race and for the race for governor.  According to the poll, both Ron Johnson and Scott Walker lead their Democratic opponents 53-44.  Interestingly, the poll shows that a number of you have already voted, and you’re voting […]