Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Reaction in today’s Sound Off from the Waukesha Freeman to my Thursday column: Wigderson column Blogger James Wigderson deserves a Pulitzer Prize. This guy is amazing. I can’t wait to read his column every week. Last Thursday, he said about himself, “I’m willing to offer myself as the necessary male subject of exploitation for any […]

Erik Gunn in Milwaukee Magazine defends the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Pulitzer Prize from the attack of the Crazy Shepherd. I only have one question. Home day-care providers have a union? Really? Print this entry

The New York Times won five Pulitzer prizes, including one for breaking the story on the Eliot Spitzer scandal. Now that the New York Times has a surplus of prizes, can it finally give up the prize for Walter Duranty’s reporting from the Soviet Union? If the New York Times is going to win the […]

Bruce Murphy takes a look at Milwaukee County’s lawsuit against Mercer: It is remarkable how little has been written about Milwaukee County’s suit against Mercer Human Resources Consulting. The stakes for county taxpayers are high. The county has hired actuarial experts who have estimated the total cost of the notorious November 2000 pension plan to […]

Jessica McBride had an excellent column yesterday in the Saturday Waukesha Freeman (just 3 small quarters at every corner newspaper box). Jessica looked at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Pulitzer Prize win, and wondered if they would be willing to share. The newspaper’s Dave Umhoefer, who won journalism’s highest prize, is a good person and a […]

Michael Horne reminds us of another reporter’s work on the Milwaukee County pension scandal for a certain website. That reporter is now editing some magazine while The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wins the Pulitzer Prize for a follow-up story. Such is the nature of the beast. Update! You want irony? Look at the first comment on […]