Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Ryan Lovelace of the Washington Examiner takes the Bucks arena funding story national with an article on the political costs for Governor Scott Walker. Lovelace interviewed me for the article: Conservatives do not want to repeat past mistakes. James Wigderson, who writes for a free market think tank in Wisconsin called the John K. MacIver […]

Last week over at, I warned conservatives not to neglect the city attorney race in Waukesha. Local attorney Brian Running is taking on former Jim Doyle judicial appointment Richard Congdon. Current city attorney Curt Meitz is not running for re-election after serving 28 years. He announced his intention not to seek re-election after getting […]

Former Milwaukee County Executive Tom Ament died earlier this week and there was plenty of reliving the pension scandal and the aftermath. As I explain in an article for RightWisconsin, the lasting effects of the Milwaukee County pension scandal go far beyond the impact it had on Milwaukee County government. Ament will be remembered not […]

There is a reason city voters rejected Rick Congdon in 2010 when he was running for re-election as a Doyle-appointed judge. The voters of the city are largely Republican, and they vote accordingly. So no, it’s not surprising that the former Chairman of the Waukesha County Democratic Party signed a recall petition, but it is […]

Liberal blogger Lisa Mux has decided to discontinue her blog, Waukesha Wonk. She wrote, The reason is simple: political blogging has ceased to bring me joy. Life is too short to spend your free time doing things that don’t bring about some level of joy. Additionally, I find the tone of the political discourse of […]

Walker’s historic win just a step for GOP  GOP needs to embrace reform agenda Waukesha Freeman Page A8 Opinion June 6, 2013 This week Republicans and much of Wisconsin are celebrating the one-year anniversary of Gov. Scott Walker’s win in the recall election. It was a tremendous victory for Walker, and it has had an […]

Over at they are remembering Governor Scott Walker’s historic recall election victory with a “forum” of blog posts from various contributors. Here’s a sample from my own contribution: We tend to think of Walker’s victory in terms of what it means in Wisconsin, but it meant “hope” nationally to the conservative movement. November’s elections […]

Can Democrats be taken seriously? Walker emerges from probe unscathed Waukesha Freeman March 7, 2013 Page A6 It was the reverse of Watergate. The John Doe investigation focused on so many people surrounding Governor Scott Walker, but the worst crime uncovered was a third-rate burglary. Former Walker aide and confidant Tim Russell was found to […]

From the Kenosha News: Sentencing will be in June for a Racine man accused of forging election recall petition signatures in Racine and Kenosha counties. Mark S. Demet, 60, pleaded guilty Friday to counts of election fraud, settling his felony case in Racine County and potential charges in Kenosha County. He faces three years in […]

The MacIver Institute posted this photo and comment on their Facebook page: Brian Fraley wrote about the 21st Senate District recall recount: As the MacIver News Service has noted: The Racine County Sherrif’s department is investigating the discovery of some election documents found in a dumpster outside a City of Racine polling place; Many voters may bave been mistakenly given […]