Saturday, August 24th, 2019

The Daily Caller reminds us today of the story of one of the founders of Earth Day, Ira Einhorn. Despite helping to found the environmental movement’s most important day of the year, environmental activist and self-proclaimed co-founder Earth Day Ira Einhorn had a dark side. NBC News recalls that Einhorn was found guilty of murdering […]

Or how about this whopper: Scrima announced Tuesday night that he would work with the city attorney to prevent any more sex offenders from moving into the city.

I whispered to state Rep. Bill Kramer sitting in front of me, “Well, your job is done.”

If a mayor and the city attorney could stop sex offenders from moving into Waukesha, it would have happened by now. Cities are able to impose reasonable restrictions (as Waukesha has) but ultimately the state and the courts determine in which city the sex offender lives.

Scrima either doesn’t understand the issue, or he’s just trying to shamelessly pander again.

Let’s talk garbage for a moment. Jeff Scrima, condo developer, mayoral candidate, wants to make life easier for condo owners by switching garbage collection from the property tax to a fee-based system. Residential homeowners will see their total tax bill go up. You can’t deduct the fee from your federal tax like you can the […]

It’s a small item. But then, so many items are. Then we wonder where did all that money go? The town of Wrightstown is getting $46,000 in brand new recycling bins. The only explanation anyone has for this budget item involves elves and reindeer. From a press release from state representatives Rich Zipperer and Leah […]

Kevin Binversie at Lakeshore Laments reminds us why, especially in Wisconsin, environmentalists really chafe our asses. Despite the news of some plants closing in Niagara and Kimberly, the paper industry is a vital part of region’s past and an important part of the economy. Up in the area alone there are plants making Charmin, Northern, […]