Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Waukesha Freeman 7/21/2016 Page A6 Opinion The party of Trump Convention taking after candidate with missteps It’s official. The Republican Party has nominated the most un-conservative, un-Republican, uniquely unqualified candidate for president of the United States. It’s Donald Trump’s party now. It hasn’t been pretty. Wisconsin’s own Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, has […]

I always took the breakup of the Whig Party personally for some reason. (We’ll pause to let the Trump voters catch up.) Over the past few months I’ve made references to the Know-Nothing Party, a brief but interesting part of American history that is often forgotten. In Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball report, indispensable weekly reading […]

Yet another reason to hate yard signs. In the letters section of the Waukesha Freeman on Tuesday, Gerry and Lyn Holton wrote (in part): …Or, we can go back to the day when candidates were handpicked by an elite few in the Waukesha Republican Party hierarchy. Qualifications: how well they are connected and how well they […]

Allen joins former Town of Waukesha Supervisor Joe Banske, current Alderman Aaron Perry, and health care consultant Brandon Rosner. Judging from first impressions, the only way this bunch could be more different from Kramer is if they got sex-change operations.

City of Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima took his campaign tour to drink with the elephants Friday night. He stopped in at the monthly Pints and Politics event sponsored by the Waukesha County Republican Party. As I explain in an article for RightWisconsin, who did Scrima think he was fooling? Scrima, who finished second in the […]

Summertime quick-hitters Mayor’s race heating up; teacher’s rhetoric goes cold Waukesha Freeman Opinion Page A6, 7/25/2013   Some quick hits before your summer vacations start. Don’t forget to pack the bug spray. * * * Mayor Jeff Scrima, should he choose to run for re-election, has another solid opponent. Alderman Terry Thieme is smart and […]

Pints and politics in Waukesha County is the second Friday next month due to the Republican Party of Wisconsin state convention. Waukesha County Pints and Politics Attention: All Waukesha County Republicans AND other conservatives. Join us for May 2013 Pints and Politics. Enjoy a spring evening among like-minded friends. We ensured the conservative balance in […]

Depending on the closeness of Tuesday night’s results, the Republican Senate Primary could come down to the “Maistelman factor.” Whose election attorneys will be the sharpest at counting votes in a recount? Hey, I’m willing to sell Mike Maistelman’s phone number to whichever campaign promises me the most Snickers bars. Maistelman might as well come […]

Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Jul 5, 2012; Section:Opinion; Page Number:8A Right message, right opportunity for Hovde A businessman alternative to Tommy Thompson JAMES WIGDERSON For those of you looking for a secret to Eric Hovde’s high energy, I have bad news for you. He says it’s genetic. “My mom would take two to three walks when […]

Joshua Spivak in the Politico writes about how the recall effort may have been a big mistake for Democrats: But, with the possibility of losing the governor’s mansion, the Republicans are now unquestionably motivated. We saw their strong support come out on the primary day. Walker was facing only token opposition, yet he received 626,000 […]