Monday, November 20th, 2017

I’m a believer in rough-and-tumble primary election campaigns. I not only find primary elections where everyone is nice to each other dull but they’re also unproductive. How is the voter to know for whom to vote if neither candidate draws a contrast? So, by all means, lets have a few raised voices during the primaries, […]

Former Republican candidate for Senate Terrence Wall has accused current candidate Ron Johnson of buying the votes at the Republican convention that endorsed Johnson. I don’t know if Johnson was “buying” votes. I do know that “buying” the votes of convention delegates for the party endorsement is not illegal. If it was, Terrence Wall would […]

Reports everywhere are saying businessman Terrence Wall is dropping out of the race for Senate, leaving Dave Westlake and Ron Johnson as the remaining candidates.  After Johnson’s endorsement by the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s convention, there really weren’t many options left to Wall for assembling a winning coalition.  It will be interesting to see if […]

As I mentioned here, and as both Politico and are reporting, the decision by former Commerce Secretary Dick Leinenkugel to endorse Ron Johnson was a surprise to nearly everyone, including Ron Johnson. However, shortly after the Republican delegates at the state convention decided to follow suit and endorse Johnson, Terrence Wall’s campaign issued this […]

Previously unknown businessman Ron Johnson just won the endorsement of the Republican Party of Wisconsin at their convention today. Blogger Kevin Binversie posted on Twitter Johnson received 63.9% of the vote on the second round of balloting. This has to be terrible news for businessman Terrence Wall who failed to gain traction in his race […]

In a move that probably surprised the Ron Johnson campaign, too, businessman and former Commerce Secretary Dick Leinenkugel dropped out of the race for senate and endorsed Johnson. (Should’ve known something was up when we were having a hard time lining up Leinenkugel for an interview for the MacIver Institute yesterday. We were asking all […]

Back at the Wigderson home office this morning, catching up on the convention news from the safety of my kitchen. is reporting JB Van Hollen received the endorsement of the Republican convention this morning on a voice vote. I think it’s fair to say most Republicans are relatively pleased with Van Hollen. Making Van […]

I may never look at this candidate for governor the same way again. When you don’t have to worry about what the delegates think, you can reach real deep into the closet for your favorite shirt. Print this entry

Quick Juston! Take the picture! Me and Paul Ryan! Print this entry

Candidate for Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch announced she was endorsed today at the state GOP convention by former Lieutenant Governor Margaret Farrow. Print this entry