Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Last week over at, I warned conservatives not to neglect the city attorney race in Waukesha. Local attorney Brian Running is taking on former Jim Doyle judicial appointment Richard Congdon. Current city attorney Curt Meitz is not running for re-election after serving 28 years. He announced his intention not to seek re-election after getting […]

Waukesha Freeman Page A5 Opinion 2/20/2014  Game on  Scrima, Congdon behind already Tuesday night’s election results came with an interesting surprise. City of Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima actually came in second to local attorney Shawn Reilly. The 84 votes that separate the two candidates would seem like a small margin, but it’s not the real […]

Most of my thoughts on last night’s primary elections in the city of Waukesha will be appear in my column for the Waukesha Freeman tomorrow. Spend the fifty cents and get some ink on your fingers. It’s good for you. That said, I do have some additional thoughts on the mayoral race. Somebody over in […]

“No fist is big enough to hide the sky.”- West African proverb Over at RightWisconsin, I commented on the race for Waukesha City Attorney and urged a vote for Brian Running to kill the possibility of former Judge Rick Congdon facing off against a terribly flawed Chris Wiesmueller in the general election. Here’s an excerpt: […]

Waukesha Freeman 01/09/2014, Page A05 Choices, choices for city attorney Two candidates carry baggage with them The race for city attorney in Waukesha presents city residents an interesting choice. For the first time in many years, local voters will have a choice in choosing the right person in what many consider a largely administrative position. […]

There is a reason city voters rejected Rick Congdon in 2010 when he was running for re-election as a Doyle-appointed judge. The voters of the city are largely Republican, and they vote accordingly. So no, it’s not surprising that the former Chairman of the Waukesha County Democratic Party signed a recall petition, but it is […]

It’s been hinted at, so I asked GuitarTown Chairman Rick Congdon if there were plans to put a stage at the Five Points in downtown for the GuitarTown events. He responded on Tuesday: There will be no outdoor stage on Thursday night. There will be a small area for the {Les Paul} Trio to play […]

I took the opportunity this week to look into a story about Norm Bruce, the owner of Martha Merrill’s bookstore, supposedly having exclusive rights to selling t-shirts promoting the “Guitar Town” public art project. I don’t know what was said at the Waukesha Downtown Business Association meeting. I do know that, given that Guitar Town […]

The Waukesha Freeman reported Friday a line-up of acts for the May 31st unveiling of GuitarTown. The announced line-up is Sammy Llanas, Rusty Paul, and the Les Paul Trio. Not exactly headline acts for the County Fair. I checked with Rick Congdon, the chairman of the Steering Committee for GuitarTown, and he said more acts […]

In his now-infamous op-ed in the Waukesha Freeman, former Judge Richard Congdon alleged I misquoted him in one of my columns but did not say how. Because I am concerned with being accurate, I followed up with Congdon to find out how he thought he was misquoted. Congdon wrote me back, “I never said that […]