Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Over at RightWisconsin, the invaluable Rick Esenberg explains how Mary Burke may be breaking the law with her campaign ads. The statute does not give Burke a free pass to republish it and the paper’s headline is pretty close to flat out false. But without regard to that, the clearly communicated message of the ad […]

Everyone’s favorite attorney and law professor Rick Esenberg explains the possible legal ramifications if one listens to Greg Palast’s advice. But here is some free legal advice to the vuvezela and chant crowds. At last weekend’s BobFest, noted Black Helicopter theorist Greg Palast suggested that one should drink the beer before pouring it on a […]

Rick Esenberg with the must-read on the redistricting controversy: The elephant in the room is the pending recall elections. Democrats seem to think they have a right to defer redistricting until after the recalls hoping that they can flip the Senate and create divided government, pushing redistricting into the courts. But there is no legal […]

Our friend Kevin catches up the rule-breakers getting punished for skipping school and encouraging others to quit school. The head of the union in Oshkosh got his hand slapped. Also, school districts in Northeast Wisconsin are now coming down with their punishments for those teachers who did protest in Madison. Kimberly is adding a day […]

Marquette University Law School Professor Rick Esenberg offers the suggestion that Republicans just pass the portion of the bill that only applies to union bargaining rights. Then the Republicans might only need 17 members of the Senate in attendance. The Wisconsin Constitution, however, only requires that three-fifths of each chamber to be in attendance for […]

Commenter John Foust suggests my traffic will go up if I post something about the criminal investigation into Chris Liebenthal’s blogging activities. I don’t have any opinion of le affaire Capper other than I think Rick Esenberg probably has the most reasonable take on the issue so far. I think Steve Jagler’s “special” take on […]

For the left, Gableman’s sin is being right (James Wigderson is a blogger publishing at and a Waukesha resident. His column runs Thursdays in The Freeman.) I realize the Democratic left will never be happy as long as Justice Gableman is sitting on Wisconsin’s Supreme Court. How did he dare defeat Louis Butler? It […]

Owen Robinson calls BS on the school lunch program numbers.  I always liked the mock chicken legs.  The Appleton Post-Crescent (aka, the Appleton Half-Moon) lists the problems at the state treasurer’s office, but stops short of suggesting Sass should be removed. Rick Esenberg tackles the Gableman question, is it enough not to lie?  We’ll see […]

Let’s start by congratulating the US Navy in it’s incredible rescue of Captain Richard Phillips. Congratulations also goes to President Obama’s administration. While Obama didn’t “order” the attack as some news reports have suggested, making sure the Navy had the authorization to use force if necessary was a political risk. Had it gone badly, comparisons […]

I’m sure Rick Esenberg and other law bloggers will have something interesting to say on today’s development in Ohio, but a quick glance looks like a case where judicial restraint just frustrated Republican goals. The Secretary argues both that the District Court had no jurisdiction to enter the TRO and that its ruling on the […]