Monday, October 24th, 2016

On Friday, Dane County Judge William Foust struck down Wisconsin’s Right to Work law as unconstitutional. Over at the MacIver Institute, I explain why Foust’s ruling is ridiculous and why it will be overturned. I also point out how the Democrats aren’t even trying to make a case to defend Foust’s decision. Assembly Minority Leader […]

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos posted a letter on Facebook he received concerning the Right to Work law. It’s a classic: Vos asks, “Perhaps this is why so few people want to run for public office?” By the way, it’s a Milwaukee postmark, not Madison. Print this entry

Waukesha Freeman 3/12/15 Page A6 Opinion Obama statement only helps Walker Attack about politics, not policy The least surprising news about the passage of right-to-work is that the unions are suing. The Wisconsin AFL-CIO and other unions are taking the law to a Dane County court. Once the appeals process takes the case outside of […]

I want to comment on a blog post that appeared at the liberal blog Blogging Blue. No, not this post, but this one. Despite the inevitability of {Right to Work} being passed I got several emails from the party saying we can fight and stop the bill and then asking for a donation. I got […]

Wisconsin Democrats are claiming that the NFL players are on their side in the Right to Work debate. I would just caution the Democrats that, just because the union gave them Ed Garvey, the players association is not a winning ally. Over at the MacIver Institute I explain why: With the support of the NFLPA […]

Waukesha Freeman February 26, 2015 Page A6 Opinion The right to be melodramatic Protesters take logic, actions to extreme Passage of right-to-work legislation will not mean the end of the world. What it will mean is that workers will have more freedom, the right to choose whether to pay dues to a union that may […]

Walker’s virtual second term He has a mandate for growth Waukesha Freeman, Page a6, Opinion, 1/17/13 On Tuesday, Governor Scott Walker gave what could be considered his second inaugural address. The “State of the State” address follows a year of tumult in Wisconsin, including multiple elections and even an unprecedented attempted recall of Walker. After […]

The police in Lansing are not saying, “pretty please with sugar on top,” when controlling the protesters at the Capitol. One protester decided to try to push a police officer and then grab the baton. Not a smart move. Good thing there is a list of union-made pain relievers. Print this entry

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is lying about Governor Scott Walker’s support for private sector unions. Gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett charged Tuesday that, if re-elected to office, Gov. Scott Walker would finish an assault against public workers begun during his first 15 months in office and turn Wisconsin into a right-to-work state. “There is absolutely no […]