Monday, November 20th, 2017

Not that I’m a big defender of Vice President Joe Biden, but this report by WTMJ is absolutely ridiculous. Vice President Biden Serves Kopps Custard, Calls it Ice Cream GLENDALE – Yes, that was the Vice President serving custard at Kopps in Glendale today. Vice President Joe Biden was in town for a fundraiser for […]

I get a small chuckle when I read about current acts learning about Jeff Lynne and ELO. This was from a Rolling Stone interview with Tyson Ritter of All-American Rejects. Have you been working on new music? Yeah we’ve been working on a whole now sort of vibe for this band. It’s been sort of […]

Rolling Stone picked what they consider “the 100 Greatest Singers.” Now even excusing them for being limited in their genre choices to Rock and Pop music, how do they avoid putting Roy Orbison and Robert Plant in the top 10? And how do they include Bob Dylan? And John Lennon? Seriously, Aretha Franklin is number […]

Rolling Stone lists the top 100 greatest guitar songs. No songs by Yes made the list, including “All Good People”. “Badge” by Cream did not make the list. “Crossroads” did not make the list. And ELO’s “Fire on High” did not make the list. How the heck did “Do Ya” not make the list?Finally, where’s […]