Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Our friend Mike Mathias leaps to the defense of the under-medicated Chris Liebenthal.  Well, Mike doesn’t exactly “leap.”  More like hops.  But anyway, he comes to the defense of Liebenthal, and he even brings charts proving that I am a heartless bastard and that insurance companies eat babies for breakfast. However, as the chart above […]

Chris Liebenthal takes a momentary break from blogging about Scott Walker drowning puppies to offer this observation: Which is worse? That Massachusetts has condemned hundreds of thousands of people to their deaths or that the right wing is celebrating the mass murder? At least he does not accuse Republicans of pushing people into gas chambers. […]

Michael Moynihan reported on the ground in his native Massachusetts what he saw during the campaign: What on earth is happening here? A local Republican Party Chairman was blunt: It’s health care, big government, and national security that are driving Brown’s spectacular bounce in the polls, but no one in state party politics expected something […]

From the state GOP press release. And then I got a fundraiser e-mail right after. Priebus Statement on MA Special Election and Democrat Policies MADISON—Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Reince Priebus released the following statement regarding the Massachusetts Senate special election and what it means for Republicans in 2010: “American voters have made themselves clear. […]

“I just watched John King’s report, that’s the first time I saw Brown headquarters. Wow! It looks like a party there.” – CNN’s Jessica Yellin (reported by Jonah Goldberg) Scott Brown wins! Time to do a shameless happy dance! By a decisive margin, Mr. Brown defeated Martha Coakley, the state’s Democratic attorney general, who had […]

Check out Intrade.  I’m not sure if I am ready to believe it, yet. Print this entry