Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Sometimes I forget how small Waukesha really is. Ooh, look, a new grocery store! Anyway, Darryl Enriquez visited the new Woodman’s yesterday in his column and declared it one of the seven wonders of Waukesha, “along with the Riverwalk, the Welcome to Waukesha sign on Highway F, the water tower made into a home, the […]

The newspaper is full of good restaurant news today. Mayor Jeff Scrima’s father, Joe Scrima, is bringing Scrima’s Pizza back to Waukesha. His cousins retired from the pizza-making business in the late 1990s after 40 years of serving Waukesha residents, and Scrima said now it’s time to fill the void in people’s hearts and taste […]

Looks like I missed a successful charity walk for breast cancer at the art crawl on Saturday. Not only did I miss the doughnuts but I missed hot Italian beef sandwiches as well. Maybe next year. George also passes along the news that Scrima’s pizza is threatening to make a return. I’m curious to find […]