Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel missed the rally of approximately 300 people at Serb Hall who were demanding reform of Milwaukee County government. However, their Page Six columnist Dan Bice filled the void today with a report of where the guest list came from. Tomorrow, look for an exclusive Dan Bice report on the hors d’oeuvres […]

Hey, I’ve seen ugly Ugly is the Detroit Airport. Ugly is the recent behavior by the Left in Pittsburgh. I wouldn’t exactly call what happened on Sunday at Serb Hall “ugly.” How about, not pretty, and really stupid? Citizens for Responsible Government held a public meeting on Sunday at Serb Hall to cheerlead Milwaukee County […]

Randy Melchert pays a compliment to me on how well I’m tracking the number of Doyle recall supporters. Easy to do when I haven’t yet used all my fingers and toes. Here’s a schedule of their upcoming events:1. May 18th 7pm Chilton/Eagles Hall; 1041 E. Chestnut; Chilton WI 53014 920-849-9223 (Hwy 57&151)2. May 19th 7pm […]