Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Great article in the Waukesha Freeman today concerning proposed cuts to Waukesha’s bus system.  There could be cuts available to be made to the transit system in Waukesha, but when someone tries to swoop in at the end of the budget process to ask for them without having his homework done ahead of time, this […]

Okay, SEWRPC is re-affirming their support for Waukesha seeking to tap into Lake Michigan for their water needs. Waukesha’s application for a Great Lakes water supply is consistent with the findings of the commission’s preliminary regional water supply plan, SEWRPC Executive Director Ken Yunker says in a letter to representatives of the Sustainable Water Supply […]

WISN’s Mark Belling endorsed Jeff Scrima because of Mayor Larry Nelson’s support for the RTA. Does anyone know Scrima’s actual position on the issue? Or is he still listening? Here’s another good question. If Mayor Larry Nelson loses to Jeff Scrima in conservative Waukesha in part because of the shoes he wears, will Dave Westlake […]