Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

It’s the Crazy Shepherd’s 30th anniversary, and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett even issued a proclamation to celebrate today, August 23rd, as Crazy Shepherd day. It’s a shame that so many ex-staffers are not around to celebrate with publisher Lou Fortis. I was disappointed Fortis didn’t credit his muse, Paul Cicero, in the anniversary bios. Fifteen […]

Good to know old college friends are doing well, even if they’re on the other side. The Crazy Shepherd has a brief interview with Carrie Worthen regarding her creation, that annoying Blue Fist. She always had a thing for totalitarian imagery. When this wave of legislative horrors began, the Wisconsin AFL-CIO staff created an image […]

In response to criticism from Emily Mills, Jack Craver in the comments in Isthmus makes one more attempt at a defense for his unethical rumor mongering (discussed here, here and here) by falling to the standards of the Shepherd Express: It was a cover story the SE ran in 1996. The title was “Closed Closet: […]

The Crazy Shepherd’s Boris and Doris were out on the town last week, but they didn’t have to go very far to find the social scene: Back in the lobby, B&D ran into Shepherd Express publisher Louis Fortis, who was still jet-lagged from his trip to Beirut, Lebanon, where he taught “a semester course jammed […]

Erik Gunn in Milwaukee Magazine defends the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Pulitzer Prize from the attack of the Crazy Shepherd. I only have one question. Home day-care providers have a union? Really? Print this entry

Milwaukee Magazine editor Bruce Murphy acts as his own ombudsman and responds to a demand for a retraction from Lisa Kaiser of the Crazy Shepherd: –Lisa Kaiser, assistant editor at the Shepherd Express, wrote to demand a retraction and apology for the item in my last column suggesting she wrote a piece of fake news. I […]

The Crazy Shepherd’s Boris and Doris are reporting they spotted Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson at a reception in honor of Julia Taylor of the Greater Milwaukee Committee for her support of the arts. Also in attendance were Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton. While I’m not posting a reward for a picture […]

It’s 2010, the year someone loses a contact. Once again, it’s time to shake the magic martini shaker and see into the future.  Four or five ought to do it.  If we stare at the olive in the glass long enough, a vision slowly appears.  A vision of things to come, and another refill.  This […]

Gotta bug the Crazy Shepherd when their most successful refugee, Bruce Murphy, criticizes them sharply for their coverage of the state supreme court race: The coverage of incumbent state Supreme Court Justice Shirley Abrahamson’s race against challenger Randy Koschnick has, if nothing else, been good for occasional laughs. Consider last week’s cover story by the […]

Rick Esenberg was named by the Crazy Shepherd “Jerk of the Week” because they misread his concerns over reaction to a possible spike in the arrest of African Americans. How do I get named Jerk of the Week? I’m feeling left out. Technorati Tags: Rick Esenberg, Shepherd Express Print this entry