Monday, October 23rd, 2017

With the state legislature is meeting today for the final scheduled time this term (other than some mop up in May), I added two feeds to the side bar to help readers keep track of what’s going on: The MacIver Institute Twitter feed and the Quorum Call feed. Speaking of the MacIver Institute, Brian […]

At the Country Springs Hotel tonight in Pewaukee: Thank you….Thank you… Well, while tonight did not end as we had planned, I hope all of youjoin me in holding your head up high. We brought important issues to the table during this race. I have no doubt that Merit Pay, substantial MPS reform and the […]

Candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers admitted today that he did something without asking the permission of WEAC first. “I chewed chewing gum. Bubble gum, actually, although I did not blow any bubbles because I was hoping not to get caught.” WEAC President Mary Bell was not amused by what she characterized […]

Statement from Rose Fernandez: “This is exactly why we need to change DPI. “I was dismayed to hear that my opponent may have broken state law by soliciting campaign funds and other forms of support from a public official via taxpayer-funded resources; and, that he apparently asked that same official to use his position and […]

The Wisconsin State Journal, Madison’s other liberal newspaper, announced on Thursday their endorsement of Rose Fernandez for state superintendent of the Department of Public Instruction. The State Journal endorses Fernandez. The pediatric nurse and mother of five will be a strong advocate for change — someone who will use the mostly symbolic post of state […]

State DPI Superintendent candidates Rose Fernandez and Tony Evers will be having a number of joint appearances. The Fernandez campaign sent me a list of opportunities for you to see the two candidates together and judge for yourself who will be a leader for better education in Wisconsin. Fernandez and Evers also appeared on Up […]

At least the state DPI race is being fought over the issues, albeit a trifle one-sided. Candidate Rose Fernandez is challenging the educational establishment again, this time over standards: There is no doubt that Wisconsin has some great public schools. But without solid standards and the ability to accurately measure student performance we will never […]

Jeff Dickert is this week’s poster boy for a desperate education establishment afraid that their grip on the state department for public instruction may be slipping away. As WISN’s Mark Belling reported first on Friday, Dickert sent out an e-mail invitation to a fundraiser for WEAC-endorsed Tony Evers in violation of the law. Badger Blogger […]

Rock ’em sock ’em news in the state DPI race. Rose Fernandez announced an endorsement by State Representative Bob Ziegelbauer (Dem-Manitowoc). “I am happy to lend my support to Rose Fernandez for DPI Superintendent,” said Ziegelbauer. “She’s been a refreshing voice for change where it’s desperately needed and has the priorities that will lead to […]

Charlie Sykes talked about the state DPI race and interviewed Rose Fernandez today. It really is an amazing story. Print this entry