Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

This week in WisOpinion.com’s “That’s Debatable,” Brian Fraley again takes on the excrement-obsessed Scot Ross in discussing the state Democratic Party convention this weekend. Ross promises the self-described partisans at One Wisconsin Now will ask convention attendees to sign a petition supporting higher taxes in Wisconsin. I suspect many of the attendees will willingly sign. […]

Going to be in Madison tomorrow with nothing to do? Or are you planning on attending OPM Fest at the state capitol, but fear you might actually have to listen to the speakers? The Wigderson Library & Pub has come to your rescue with the official OPM Fest Government Vehicle Bingo Card. The rules are […]

Fox Head takes on Roger Danielsen’s defense of the school board’s pension investment scheme. Danielsen, of course, is the disgraced former schoolboard member who was forced to resign before he was recalled who is now seeking the Democratic nomination for assembly in the 97th Assembly District. Fox Head finds Danielsen’s defense of the investment plan […]