Saturday, October 21st, 2017

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, in an attempt to justify the recall after the fact, has created a new standard by which politicians should be judged. Instead of assessing their poliics at the end of their terms, Barrett would use the 16 month mark. However, applying the Barrett standard of when a public official should be […]

I’ve joked about it a lot, but I am seriously looking into buying an electric Smart for my next vehicle. For my needs, it just makes sense. I won’t be ready for a new car for a couple of years, so I’m hoping that any bugs will be worked out by then. I fully expected […]

And not a particularly good re-run at that. President Barack Obama spoke Monday in Milwaukee about spending another $50 billion, this time for roads, bridges and rail. Jim Geraghty points out Obama’s the previous stimulus bill was for… roads, bridges and rail. Forgive us if we’re not all that excited about hearing plans for spending […]

President Barack Obama is announcing Stimulus III, another $50 billion in infrastructure spending. No wonder Senator Russ Feingold had something else to do today. Reuters reports: President Barack Obama will announce on Monday a six-year plan to revamp the United States’ aging roads, railways and runways with a $50 billion up-front investment to jump-start job […]

Those 66,500 extra voters? They’re residents of Wisconsin’s eleventh congressional district – the ones who benefited from the stimulus. Print this entry

As you may have heard if you were listening to Pat Snyder interview the MacIver Institute’s Brian Fraley this morning on WSAU-AM, my latest perspective piece is up over at the MacIver Institute’s website, “About President Obama’s Visit.” The new federal education money, of course, is counter-productive. It will not reward those school districts that […]

Waukesha Freeman columnist Pete Kennedy today asks “Kennedy consulting” about the recent stimulus spending by Waukesha’s bus system: Client: Did Waukesha Metro Transit buy anything else with the funds? KC: Yes, a staff vehicle was purchased at a cost of $32,000. Client: I suppose they had no choice. What alternative would there be to the […]

Suddenly Senator Russ Feingold has found out that there is wasteful spending in Washington D.C. He is shocked, shocked I tell you, to find out the federal government wastes money. It’s a blatant attempt by Feingold to steal a page out of the late William Proxmire’s playbook. When the town whore suddenly gets religion, perhaps […]

From the list of recently approved stimulus projects: Also approved by the Joint Finance Committee was $9.5 million to help administer unemployment insurance programs. That includes improving outreach to people who may be eligible and improving the response to applicants due to increased demand. Can’t argue with the demand side of the equation. Print this […]

The MacIver Institute has their first look at the effect of the stimulus bill in Wisconsin: $1.9 billion – ARRA money awarded to Wisconsin so far. $680 million – Wisconsin ARRA expenditures during the first reporting quarter. 8,284 – the number of full-time jobs saved or created to date. $82,085.95 – the cost of each […]