Friday, November 17th, 2017

I don’t think the Nobel committee went far enough. I think they should change the medallion to permanently include President Obama’s visage. I think they should change the name to the Obama Peace Prize. After all, he is not only everything that is good about America, he is everything that is good in the world. […]

On the one hand, imagine seeing KISS in your hotel in Stockholm purely by chance. Pretty cool. On the other hand, there’s a heavy metal band with thousands of fanatic fans staying in your hotel. Must’ve been a Secret Service nightmare. “I was thrilled,” {Secretary of State Condoleezza} Rice said of her late-night encounter with […]

Michelle Malkin has more updates on the Absolut ad campaign that shows the Mexican border to include the entire southwest United States with the caption, “In an Absolut World“. She also has an alternative ad, suggested by one of her readers.Meanwhile, Jonah Goldberg was cc’ed on an e-mail from Charles Hales of to Absolut […]

Absolut is Absolut-ly disgusting with this advertising campaign.Michelle Malkin says the ad campaign has been spotted in magazines and on billboards. As long as the Swedes are looking at maps, let’s remind them of Sweden’s role in making this map:Or is more recent history of a more horrific kind not worth mentioning when advertising vodka? […]