Monday, November 20th, 2017

Christopher Hitchens wrote this week about the slaughter of the pigs in Egypt for Slate.  He observed the religious component to the hysteria: Back in May, just as Egypt’s anti-porcine hysteria was gathering pace, there was a proposal from Sheik Ahmad Ali Othman, a senior advisory figure at the Ministry of Religious Endowments, that all […]

  H1N1 Update Report 01by drsteve64 Someday your government will have complete control over your health care. Print this entry

The World Health Organization is taking the US lead and has decided that the swine flu will no longer be the swine flu. Out of deference to our porcine (kosher-challenged) companions, we shall now only refer to the disease as H1N1-A. Apparently the old name was scaring Congress away from pork-barrel spending. Print this entry