Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Good catch by RightWisconsin. The junior senator from Wisconsin Tammy Baldwin made an unintentional funny. It’s been 45 days since the Senate passed a budget but Republicans are standing in the way. It’s time to move fwd -TB… — Sen. Tammy Baldwin (@SenatorBaldwin) May 7, 2013 Of course, it took over four years for […]

No questions, please. She’s a Democrat from Madison. Senator Tammy Baldwin has an answer for the media asking questions. “I hired a com­mu­ni­ca­tion direc­tor for a rea­son.” Hey, has she considered adding Graeme Zielinski to her staff? Print this entry

Trying to remember Kohl List of Senate achievements not exactly long Waukesha Freeman, Page A6 Opinion, 12/27/12 Is there an award for the least interesting development of 2012? The retirement of Herb Kohl from the Senate prompts the question, who will notice? Kohl was elected in 1988 largely on the strength of his personal wealth […]

Bruce Murphy lists the winners and losers of the election. I end up in the latter category. Thanks, Bruce. Media Political Pundits: The news media kept insisting the presidential election was a tossup, though every polling aggregator showed a large electoral vote margin for Obama. Nationally, Michael Barone and George Will predicted Romney would win big, while local pundits and […]

The easy way to make an election prediction is wait for a poll. Unfortunately, the last poll by Marquette Law School was (in technical terms) just off-the-wall wackadoo. So before I make this prediction, let me point to everything I said about the presidential election and polling. Let me also add this observation from Michael […]

The latest St Norbert poll is out. I mention it purely for entertainment purposes only. In the presidential race, 51 percent of respondents backed Obama, compared to 42 percent for Romney. In the Senate race, 46 percent supported Thompson, while 43 percent backed Baldwin. The poll of 402 likely voters was conducted Oct. 25-29 and […]

The Marquette Law School poll looks like it has a case of St Norbert’s disease. A new Marquette Law School Poll finds President Barack Obama leading former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney 51 percent to 43 percent among likely voters in Wisconsin. Five percent remain undecided or declined to state a preference, while 1 percent said […]

Waukesha Freeman 11/01/2012, Page A08 One more time Fight the fatigue and vote “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more,” our friend Shakespeare wrote. Once more unto the breach this Tuesday to vote in an election. We’re to be forgiven a little election fatigue as the blast of politics blows in our ears. […]

Dan Bice, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s political gossip columnist, reported tonight on nearly $60,000 in campaign contributions received by Senate candidate Congressman Tammy Baldwin from a pro-Iranian group. U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin – who was against Iranian sanctions before she was for them – has received nearly $60,000 for her Senate bid from a group […]

So if you’re a candidate for public office and the latest and greatest poll comes out with a result you don’t like, what do you do? Release an internal polling memo that claims you’re still winning, of course. The new Marquette University Law School poll is out and it shows the Wisconsin Senate race is […]