Thursday, June 20th, 2019

Walker’s virtual second term He has a mandate for growth Waukesha Freeman, Page a6, Opinion, 1/17/13 On Tuesday, Governor Scott Walker gave what could be considered his second inaugural address. The “State of the State” address follows a year of tumult in Wisconsin, including multiple elections and even an unprecedented attempted recall of Walker. After […]

Darryl Enriquez in the Waukesha Freeman (two quarters and its yours) reported the irate reaction on WTMJ-AM Wednesday from the talk show callers. James T Harris, filling in for Charlie Sykes, was stoking the fires. Many callers were irate with the Republican Party and the office holders who let them down. Enriquez asked Don Taylor, […]

Tom Strini of Third Coast Digest predicts Milwaukee arts groups will have a tougher year ahead despite higher attendance. 2. The Milwaukee Symphony will continue to play brilliantly but struggle financially in 2013. We will always have an MSO, but it costs a lot of money in its present form. We might have an idea, […]

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele is proposing a county budget with no increase in the tax levy. But he avoids significant service cuts for next year, including any transit route reductions, and is not proposing any employee furloughs, Abele said. His budget will include some job cuts, but they should not result in any significant […]

While the Democrats are holding a party down in Charlotte, NC, celebrating failure, debt, and unemployment, back home in Wisconsin we’re seeing the benefits of fiscal responsibility. MacIver News Service | September 5, 2012 UPDATED 5:45pm [Madison, Wisc…] The day after the Federal debt exceeded $16 trillion, Wisconsin officials announced their state’s finances are strong […]

The Sullivan report on Wisconsin’s workforce development was released last week to general praise. However, the report suggests a shift in in Wisconsin’s tax structure away from property and income taxes to the sales tax. Even if the idea was politically feasible, such a tax shift proposal ignores Wisconsin’s sales tax history, as I explain […]

Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform (AFTR)  is attacking senate candidate Eric Hovde for being the only candidate not to sign the AFTR tax pledge. Americans for Tax Reform calls on U.S. Senate candidate Eric Hovde to tell Wisconsin voters what taxes he intends on raising. In his bid for the Republican U.S. Senate […]

In his weekly column for the Waukesha Freeman, Milwaukee radio talk show host Mark Belling said Governor Scott Walker will pursue cuts in the state income tax while reducing state aid to local governments. Governor Walker’s collective bargaining reforms have given local governments incredible flexibility to dramatically reduce spending. They’ll likely need these powers again […]

Sarah Palin and Jon Voight are among those invited to attend tomorrow’s Americans for Prosperity rally in Madison. You can register at AFP-Wisconsin for bus travel from several locations. Looks like the Milwaukee and Waukesha buses are already full so it should be a fun day despite the weather forecast. Print this entry

The latest city budget proposal is out and has already received the endorsement of Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima. What Scrima neglects to mention as he touts a budget that has no increase in the tax levy is that it introduces fees for garbage collection for the first time. Where the last budget ran into trouble […]