Monday, November 20th, 2017

Do you have any friends or loved ones in Oklahoma affected by yesterday’s tornado? If so, call our newsroom at 414-607-8140. — CBS 58 News (@CBS58) May 21, 2013 Not to pick on just them as I’m sure CBS 58 is not the only station doing it. But is this really necessary? Print this entry

If you’re about to give birth and reading my blog, try to hold out just a few more hours. You don’t really want your child born on 90210, do you? There are just some horrors a child should be spared. Print this entry

Kate Gosselin will be camping with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Gosselin and her eight children are currently in Alaska to film a Kate Plus 8 special that will feature the former Alaskan governor and vice presidential candidate, In Touch Weekly reported Thursday. “Sarah, Kate and the kids will go camping,” a source told the magazine. In […]

The cost of journalism is going up: Here is a lesson in how journalism (and really, life) works in 2009: the passenger on Northwest Flight 253 being billed as a hero for helping subdueUmar Farouk Abdulmutallab will tell you his story – but only if you pay him money. But Jasper Schuringa was already on CNN, you […]

Does anyone think that a child that can’t master a television remote control should be deciding what they should be watching? If you do, Andy Tarnoff at has a holiday gift suggestion:   Enter the iMote, the kid-friendly remote control. This programmable TV remote for preschoolers has just seven buttons: power, volume and five […]

Dan Cassuto of WKOW in Madison interviewed me yesterday for a segment on the state’s minimum mark-up law. They asked me to appear because of this piece I wrote for the MacIver Institute. I look better in the editing, trust me. But what does Brandon Scholz have against the Wild, Wild West?Scholz needs to get […]

If you’re watching the Memorial Day Jon & Kate Plus 8 marathon in anticipation of the season premiere tonight, let me entertain you with this column from the Waukesha Freeman instead: The final straw was when the Gosselin family went to see Thomas the Train. They got to ride in their own private car, and […]

From the Associated Press: About a quarter of the nation’s TV stations cut off their analog signals Tuesday, causing sets to go dark in households that were not prepared for digital television despite two years of warnings about the transition. Though most viewers were ready — and people with cable or satellite service were unaffected […]