Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

It was a packed house at today’s town hall meeting with Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner and State Representative Bill Kramer. There were 90 people there (not including staff), three times the normal amount according to Congressman Sensenbrenner. Among the notables: former Waukesha mayoral candidate Jim Young, blogger M.E. from Stand in the Trenches, Alexander from A […]

Good thing we are having a false spring. It will make easier digging a hole in the backyard to hide the family fortune. I guess the Dow wasn’t feeling too “stimulated” today. The Dow Jones closed 381 points down as financial stocks lead the market lower. Wall Street is concerned about the government’s ability to restore […]

If former Senator Tom Daschle and Nancy Killefer are both barred from serving in the Obama Administration because they didn’t pay their taxes, shouldn’t Timothy Geithner step down as Treasury Secretary? Print this entry

Yet another Obama appointee is running into trouble because of their tax liability issues. In this case, it’s former Senator Tom Daschle, HHS secretary nominee and point-man for government-run health care. The Daschle scandal is yet another example of the poor job Obama has done in vetting his appointments. And given the nature of the […]