Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Egads. Herman Cain’s campaign manager Mark Block appears in a video for his candidate smoking a cigarette. It’s shocking. The Atlantic and the New York Times see more than just a cigarette, they see a whole Big Tobacco conspiracy. You know who else is in the Big Tobacco conspiracy? It reaches all the way into […]

Unfortunately old Rudyard had more access to Cuban cigars than me. But the company was good, as was the snack food, as we motored around the lake on a hot Sunday afternoon. The Betrothed by Rudyard Kipling Open the old cigar-box, get me a Cuba stout, For things are running crossways, and Maggie and I […]

The federal government wants cigarettes sold in new collector packs and cartons. Be the first on your block to get the full set of pictures. Print this entry

A. O. Scott of the New York Times is not a fan of the new Scorsese movie. I’ll wait until it comes out on cable to judge it for myself. However, I had to laugh at the explanation of the movie’s “R” rating at the end of the article: “Shutter Island” is rated R (Under […]

Consider this a cautionary tale. When Sameer Khan wanted to re-open a hot dog stand, Judy’s Red Hots, at 27th and Kilbourn in Milwaukee, his plans were stopped by local Alderman Bob Baumann. The neighborhood had problems with the previous ownership of the stand, and that caused Baumann to do anything he could to stop […]

My column in today’s Waukesha Freeman: Sullivan recall not best option Ousting official over smoking ban misuses voters’ choice Belly up to the bar and sign a petition. At least that’s what some bar owners and the Citizens for Responsible Government Network are hoping. On Tuesday, they launched an effort to recall state Sen. Jim […]

Carroll and WCTC will ban tobacco completely on campus.  I’m betting the no smoking signs go up faster than the "Carroll University" signs. I’m also betting enrollment for journalism and political science majors drop. Print this entry

Somebody should tell Fond Du Lac to grow a spine. Banning cigarettes in all workplaces, including taverns? Show some guts. Ban smoking everywhere within the city limits. Just do it. Smoking is bad. Really bad. When I visit Fond Du Lac, I don’t even want to smell third-hand smoke for fear that I will drop […]

This week the Idiot Politician of the Week feature is back by demand. We know you missed it. We know you love it. We know politicians hate it. But as they prove weekly, what do they know? Think globally, accuse locally. That’s my motto. (What’s a motto with you?) Wisconsin Commerce Secretary Jack Fischer has […]

The Onion reports at the recently combined facility, the San Diego Zoo and Ironwood State Prison, the new inmates are having trouble making friends. Take a look:I think the polar bear is waiting for his Sierra Club connection with his carton of cigarettes. Print this entry