Monday, November 20th, 2017 has the first reported sighting of recall papers getting turned in. Let the fundraising begin!   The state Dem Party said the filing was not related to the effort it planned to begin later this month with United Wisconsin. The filing also does not impact the 60-day window the party and United Wisconsin will […]

Quite often as you scroll through the blogs you’ll see some blogger who didn’t update the day before apologize for not blogging. I’ve never seen the point of that unless it was for something really interesting. However, I was away from the blog yesterday, absent without leave just like a Democratic state senator, and I […]

Tom Cruise has abandoned Scientology for another cult, according to NewsBiscuit: Actor Tom Cruise has dismayed former colleagues at the Church of Scientology after announcing his conversion to the Church of the Electric Light Orchestra. Cruise’s new religion, founded earlier this year, is based around the music of the much loved seventies and early eighties […]