Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

I am aware of the heroic step State Sen Glenn Grothman took to challenge a sitting majority leader of his own party in a Republican primary. Conservatives should be very grateful for the political risk taken by Grothman in challenging and defeating Mary Panzer. I also get the “Grothman gives good quote” argument. That’s probably what Charlie […]

“It seems that destiny has taken a hand.” – Rick, from Casablanca Yeah, about that whole primary challenge to Congressman Tom Petri by State Sen Glenn Grothman? It just got whacked. This is from a press release from State Sen Joe Leibham, State Sen. Joe Leibham (pronounced: LĪ–päm) announced Friday that he will take the next few […]

So let me get this straight. State Senator Glenn Grothman is thinking about challenging Congressman Tom Petri in the Republican primary even though he doesn’t live in the district. To win, he would need the support of national conservative groups. So conservatives are thinking about running a candidate from outside the district with money from […]

Each year I make a list of predictions, and each year we examine where I went wrong. Unfortunately the end of the Mayan calendar did not mean the end of the world, so we have 50 predictions to sort through. It might be easier to don the sackcloth and walk barefoot through Canterbury while being […]

Okay, more predictions. House of Representatives Quick! Name Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner’s opponent! That’s what I thought. Sensenbrenner won’t even have to spend the spare change in his pocket to win re-election this year. Congressman Tom Petri will still be able to build more bicycle paths (if congress lets him). Congressman Reid Ribble’s opponent Jamie Wall […]

Like thousands of other people, I was at the Romney/Ryan Homecoming Rally on Sunday. It may be one of those events like the Ice Bowl that so many more people will claim they were there than actually attended. My day at the Waukesha Expo Center inspired a guest column for who were kind enough […]

Publication: Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date: Dec 9, 2010; Section: Opinion; Page: 8A Food fight! Agriculture Department fighting terrorists and bake sales We fight a constant battle over food in our house. Children being children, their sense of what is good for them is clouded by visions of chocolate and candy. Sugar is pharaoh to my […]

Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate took a moment from his busy schedule of talking to Democratic candidates for governor to suggest Republican Congressmen Tom Petri and Paul Ryan might be “out of touch” with their constituents. Last November voters in the 1st and 6th Congressional Districts voted to change the direction that the United States […]