Monday, November 20th, 2017

I already predicted the margin of victory for Ron Johnson tomorrow. Let’s look at the races that directly affect the state of Wisconsin. Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker should win convincingly on Tuesday. Aside from the polls, the geography just doesn’t work for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. There is just no way for Barrett to […]

The Wigderson Library & Pub normally does not make candidate endorsements, only product endorsements for a hefty fee. However, there is a race where I have taken more than a passing personal interest is the 57th Assembly District Republican Primary. Jo Egelhoff is a blogger and proprietress of She would also make an exceptionally […]

I received the following note from Mike Leon**, a leftwing blogger supporting (but not a paid employee of) the assembly campaign of Pedro Colon. On Sunday, I mentioned the challenge to Colon’s nomination signatures as part of our “Idiot Politician of the Week” feature. Jim, Colon submitted almost 300 signatures. The challenge is coming from […]

One Wisconsin Now, the organization with the wonderfully fascist-sounding name, rehashes the charge that the Protestant former State Senator Tom Reynolds is *gasp* anti-Catholic. Reynolds believes Catholics are going to Hell when they die. I tend to worry less about those who think I’m going to Hell when I die than those who wish to […]

Former State Senator Tom Reynolds’ new venture Clean Sweep Wisconsin, created to recruit conservative Democrats to run for office in the Milwaukee area, has already drawn a complaint. At issue is whether the Clean Sweep Wisconsin had the proper disclaimers on their website, a relatively minor infraction. Curiously, the complainant has retained Democratic election attorney […]

Former State Senator Tom Reynolds has formed a group, Clean Sweep Wisconsin, to recruit candidates in the Milwaukee area to run in the Democratic primary against incumbent legislators. The idea makes sense. After all, while Reynolds was a Republican, he was a very independent Republican. Reynolds has never been about the party. Democrats dominate the […]