Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

I once joked I felt sorry for Waukesha Freeman Editor Bill Yorth because he had to sift through the letters to the editor written in crayon. And that was before I started writing for them. Former Town of Waukesha Chairman Angie Van Scyoc, who just lost again in a comeback effort, posted on her Facebook […]

These are the kind of statements that really make the voters feel good about the outcome on election day.  “I think I did everything I can to voice my concerns. Perhaps the issues are not as important to the residents.” – Angie Van Scyoc, in the Waukesha Freeman 4/2/14 I’m sure there are not going […]

Former County Clerk and current Town of Waukesha Clerk/Treasurer Kathy Nickolaus is expected to announce today, April 1st, she is running for the town board. “Why not?” she said. “I fit right in. Besides, I have a real chance of winning.” Current Town Chairman John Marek was critical of the last-minute write-in candidacy but conceded […]

I saw this topic at the Takin’ it to the Streets website and just started shaking my head: It must be the well water in the Town of Waukesha making everyone crazy. Do not drink the water. Buy bottled water instead. Print this entry

I would take the photo below: Print it on one side with the caption, “Former County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus election results.” On the other side, put two quotes: “To me, it’s a no-brainer.” — Town Supervisor Joe Banske “…you are a lifesaver.” – Former Town Chairman Angie Van Scyoc Then in big type, “Banske and […]

About the Town of Waukesha hiring Kathy Nickolaus as the town clerk, “To me, it’s a no-brainer.” — Town Supervisor Joe Banske He can say that again. Print this entry

Did I mention that the town of Waukesha just hired former Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus as town clerk just in time for the election? Yes, yes I did. Not only was she supported for the town clerk position by current town board member Joe Banske, she is also endorsed by former Town Board Chairman […]

Time to build a padded wall around them and call it a day. Only in the town of Waukesha would hiring Kathy Nickolaus as the clerk seem like a good idea. During a special board meeting Tuesday that lasted nearly two hours and was heated between supervisors, the board approved hiring Nickolaus in a 3-2 […]

The learning never stops Recent events hold many lessons Waukesha Freeman September 5, 2013 Opinion Page A6 Welcome to the end of summer. My daughter started school last week and my son this week. But as I always tell my kids, learning never stops, even for the summer, even for adults. Although recent events show […]

On Tuesday night, the Town of Waukesha voted 3-2 to join the City of Waukesha’s water service area. Supervisor Joe Banske, who was clearly trying to make the right decision while disappointing some of his supporters, voted to join the service area, providing the third vote. For Banske, what finally moved him was the opening […]