Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

Another case of you can’t get there from here. I somehow missed this, but here’s the official announcement from the city website: Sunset Drive Closure at RR Crossing The Canadian National Railroad, by the order of the Office of Commissioner of Railroads, will be repairing the railroad crossing at Sunset Drive, between West Ave and […]

(found on Facebook) If passenger rail enthusiasts ever really want to understand Waukesha’s lack of enthusiasm for spending billions on trains, they should try driving through our city a few times. Print this entry

In Massachusetts, a dog was injured rescuing its owner from a train: An 8-year-old pit bull rescued by a police officer who wanted a companion for his mom has returned the favor in the most selfless way possible. When her owner passed out while crossing a train track in Shirley, Mass., Lilly bravely pulled the […]

If this kid is lucky, someday he’ll be able to tell the story of how he was hit by a train and lived. Maybe the fall knocked some sense into him. Print this entry

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s failed experiment at playing fact checker of politicians finally found an error worth commenting on – their own. When Governor Scott Walker requested federal funds for the Hiawatha line between Chicago and Milwaukee, they originally rated it as a “half-flip” in the governor’s position. However, Politifact, without any explanation of the […]

When State Representative Robin Vos quite correctly criticized this bumper sticker for it’s sick representation of a train colliding with Governor Scott Walker’s head, Democratic flunky Graeme Zielinski demonstrated his maturity by calling Vos a partisan hack and said Vos’ claims were laughable. Then the bumper sticker was switched, according to the Daily Reporter. Instead […]

Every so often when I’ve been stuck in snowbound traffic from Milwaukee to Waukesha, some smart asses will comment stupidly that if we only had trains, none of us would have to be stuck in snow. Unless Strelnikov is driving the train, snow likes to play havoc with trains, too. As more snow blankets the […]

We could spend all of our time correcting the work of Jim Rowen if we wanted to and it still would not prevent him from repeating the same erroneous talking points about the same issues over and over again. But this is a classic: Western Wisconsin Didn’t Want High-Speed Rail? Another Scott Walker Fumble That’s […]

Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Dec 2, 2010; Section:Opinion; Page Number:8A Rail trek: It’s dead, Jim Walker, allies in Washington will kill high-speed rail The train is dead. Long live the automobile! Despite the best efforts of a few die-hards, the proposed high-speed train (that doesn’t really travel at high speed) between Milwaukee and Madison is dead. […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is doing anything it can to keep the Milwaukee to Madison somewhat high-speed train alive. Today they even ran their train propaganda through their Politifact machine and declared that the rumors of the train’s demise are greatly exaggerated. Of course, that’s the same Politifact that is ready to pounce on any […]