Thursday, June 20th, 2019

UW-Madison has winnowed the list of candidates for the open spokesman position to just three people. Unfortunately, one of the three finalists is an Obama campaign hack. Over at RightWisconsin, I explain why that’s just a bad idea for a university struggling to get along with a Republican legislature. Universities should not be the golden […]

Kids these days. First they break the rules, then they don’t want to pay the consequences. Then they have members of the sociology department try to shield them. In Madison, student protestors took over the chancellor’s office and now they face disciplinary action. At RightWisconsin (subscription required), I wrote about the effort of one member […]

This week at the MacIver Institute, I interviewed local personal injury attorney Kelin Olson regarding the doctors who were handing out fake excuses on the Capitol Square last year during the protests. Olson spoke about the credibility issues the doctors would have if they were ever required to be witnesses or if they were involved […]

The Oscars! The Emmys! The Grammys! And now, the Entrepreneurial Achievement Awards! The University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Office of Corporate Relations handed out the Entrepreneurial Achievement Awards on April 26th to five alumni. “UW-Madison has developed a strong and vibrant culture of entrepreneurship among our faculty, staff and students,” says Chancellor Biddy Martin. “We have […]

The Wisconsin State Journal identifies Dr. Lou Sanner as one of the physicians handing out fake doctor’s excuses on the Capitol Square during the protests. Sanner, like the other physicians identified so far, works at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. Critics say handing out notes without thorough examinations constitutes fraud. […]

WKOW-TV in Madison identified Dr. Kathy Oriel in this story. Reporter asked, “Do you think you could get in trouble?” Dr. Kathy Oriel said, “Certainly, we think its worth the risk to support the people, and we feel very strongly these are officials who would really like to be in school, and in their classes, […]

Political process is very important, but this should not come at the cost of instruction. Classes as usual. University of Wisconsin – Madison Chancellor Biddy Martin Print this entry

Ann Althouse took a photo-walk of the UW-Madison campus and came across the following sign, Althouse, calling the sign, “horrifying,” comments, “Fast Trains Are Cool.” As if the government should provide us with everything, even coolness. Big Brother loves you, and Big Brother will also supply the coolness that’s currently missing in your gray little life. Wow! […]

One of the four Sterling Hall bombers, Dwight Armstrong, is dead from lung cancer according to The Wisconsin State Journal. He was 58 years old. On August 24, 1970, Armstrong, his brother Karleton Armstrong, Leo Burt, and David Fine bombed Sterling Hall in Madison with a van full of explosives to “protest” the Vietnam War. […]

Abortionist Caryn Dutton is leaving Wisconsin for a position with the Harvard Medical School. In this case, Wisconsin’s loss is Wisconsin’s gain. Dutton was central to the plan to perform second-trimester abortions at the Madison Surgery Center. Unfortunately, we’re “assured” by the UW Health that plans to perform these abortions continue. Pro-Life Wisconsin has performed […]