Thursday, October 19th, 2017

From comedian Ron White: When texting today, take extra time to spell out the words "Happy Valentines Day". Nobody wants to read “:) VD.” — Ron White (@Ron_White) February 14, 2015 Print this entry

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Think before you celebrate. My Valentine’s Day column from 2007. We can’t go to dinner this year. After all, how could I enjoy my meal knowing the wait staff and the kitchen help might be earning less than a “living wage,” recently established as $10.64 per hour in Los Angeles? And what are we supposed […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting union-endorsed Gloria Gaston is taking herself out of the running for school board in the 4th district. However, she will still appear on the ballot along with Michael Mathias and Annie Woodward in next Tuesday’s primary. Running as a write-in is the incumbent, the controversial Charlene Hardin. The Journal […]

The lovely Doreen from Waukesha just found out we could get a personalized bag of M&Ms for $24.95. I think for Valentine’s Day I’ll save my money and just buy my wife a bag of personalized Ws instead. Print this entry

In this week’s column, I explain how I am doing my part to be more politically correct by skipping Valentine’s Day. It’s a sacrifice I’m sure many men are willing to make. Buy Wisconsin Stuff Now! Print this entry