Friday, October 20th, 2017

Mistakes happen by clerks all the time. The good thing is that both parties are so data driven that it’s nearly impossible to steal an election. Unless we can prove errors are purposeful, we look foolish screaming about fraud. – Jeff Christensen, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Something for both parties to remember. I do think […]

Smile, Organizing for America. You’re on O’Keefe Camera! Videographer James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas caught an official for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign helping who she thought was an Obama supporter set herself up to vote more than once in November. Stephanie Caballero is the regional field director for Obama’s Organizing For America in Houston, Texas. […]

Our friend Kevin Binversie, in commenting on this story, is trying to remember a similar case in Wisconsin a few years ago. As Wisconsin political trivia fans know, the candidate in question was Donovan Riley, the left’s first attempt to knock off former State Senator Jeff Plale as part of the Democratic Party’s march to […]

What follows can’t be true because Democrats don’t commit vote fraud. Ever. And it’s racist to allege that vote fraud ever happens. But a Maryland/Florida Democrat is dropping out of the race for Congress anyway. A Maryland Democratic candidate quit her congressional race Monday after her own party told state officials that she had committed […]

The left has found alleged vote fraud (that never occurs): Wisconsin Government Accountability Board records show Samantha Vos voted in the state’s April 3 election. Vos is the wife of Rep. Robin Vos (R-Rochester), the co-chair of the state’s powerful joint finance committee. But records from Canyon County, Idaho show Samantha Vos swore under oath […]

Wow. Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf found an alleged election crime he couldn’t ignore. On Wednesday, Milwaukee Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf issued a search warrant for Florida SEIU organizer Clarence Haynes declaring there is “probable cause that Mr. H [Clarence Haynes] voted without the proper qualifications as an elector when he cast a ballot on […]

Media Trackers is claiming that an anonymous source with first-hand knowledge of the ribs-for-votes scandal is now talking to the Milwaukee District Attorney. The anonymous source that provided most of the in-depth details about Wisconsin Jobs Now! and how they ran their likely illegal barbecue-for-votes parties on Monday is agreeing to talk to the Milwaukee […]

Given what we now know about the ethical cloud surrounding Sandy Pasch, her campaign treasurer Jackie Boynton, Matthew Brusky, Citizen Action, and Wisconsin Jobs Now!, what should we call the whole scandal? I’m open to suggestions, or pick from the list below. Print this entry

Those 66,500 extra voters? They’re residents of Wisconsin’s eleventh congressional district – the ones who benefited from the stimulus. Print this entry

Those 66,500 extra people on the voter rolls? They’re the fake people that will be appearing in Russ Feingold’s ads. Print this entry