Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

Waukesha Freeman 12/4/14 Page A4 Opinion Stepping up downtown Will Patton be recalled? As we clear the dishes from one holiday and plunge headlong to the next, we might lose sight of what’s really important. Have you started shopping for my Christmas present yet? Christmas for us started with the downtown tree lighting event, sponsored […]

Burr Deming commented on the controversy regarding the treatment of the Girl Scouts who marched in this year’s Waukesha Christmas Parade. (I wrote about the scouts in my Waukesha Freeman column and followed up with a response to the Chamber of Commerce.) Deming wrote, Conservative James Wigderson has complained about the mishandling of a parade and how […]

The Christmas parade edition. Jim Hahn, the Executive Director at City of Waukesha Chamber of Commerce, is upset with my Waukesha Freeman column regarding the troubles some Girl Scouts had with Christmas Parade organizers. The parade was run by the Chamber of Commerce for the first time this year after Mayor Jeff Scrima effectively led […]

Waukesha Freeman Page A10, Opinion 11/27/2013 No Merry Christmas in parade Too much drama for Girl Scouts It was cold at Sunday’s Waukesha Christmas Parade, but that’s not what is bothering two Girl Scout leaders. Just prior to the parade start, parade organizers tried squeezing them for an additional $100 each. This was the first […]

The Spring City Chronicle is reporting that the scope of public comments may be drastically curtailed: I got wind that Alderwoman Joan Francouer wants to propose that public comment at Common Council Meetings be restricted to items appearing on the agenda. I would encourage others on the Common Council vote this proposal down. Such a […]

The Waukesha Common Council is meeting tonight to again discuss the water issue, including a letter that will be sent to the Wisconsin DNR. The Common Council will be asked tonight to request the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to direct all communication on the city’s application to divert Great Lakes water past the subcontinental […]

Waukesha’s Common Council President Alderman Paul Ybarra’s statement in response to the mayor is a strong one and makes excellent points. However, as with his other statement from the weekend, it doesn’t answer the question, what now? The aldermen are going to have to take it to the streets, literally. Open houses and letters to […]

While it’s tempting to stand athwart a pipeline and yell “stop!” (to steal a phrase), there is also a maxim that missed: “Where there is no alternative there is no…” Problem. Mayor Jeff Scrima has continued to stand athwart building a pipeline to Lake Michigan out of an inordinate fear that someday Milwaukee will contaminate […]

Okay, SEWRPC is re-affirming their support for Waukesha seeking to tap into Lake Michigan for their water needs. Waukesha’s application for a Great Lakes water supply is consistent with the findings of the commission’s preliminary regional water supply plan, SEWRPC Executive Director Ken Yunker says in a letter to representatives of the Sustainable Water Supply […]

Democratic state assembly candidate Ruth Page Jones must not have thought much of the Waukesha Chamber of Commerce. Her campaign is either completely out of typing paper or they filled out the Chamber’s questionnaire over a couple of lattes at Sprizzo’s. I’m surprised they didn’t answer in crayon. (Click on the pictures to see full-size.) […]