Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

This all appears as part of a bad pattern. If he says something that gets him in trouble, then it’s the fault of the person who reported it. If he doesn’t want to attend a debate, then it’s the organizers’ fault. If he doesn’t like what award-winning columnist Pete Kennedy writes, it’s because (as Scrima told Charlie Sykes) Kennedy is shallow. If University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee journalism lecturer Jessica McBride doesn’t lavish praise on Scrima, it’s because she’s taking my lead. If questions arise about Scrima’s residence, then it’s the fault of the water meter. If questions come up about voting using an incorrect address, he “didn’t realize” the registration didn’t change.

The Finance Committee of the Waukesha Common Council approved the memo of understanding for the proposed new TIF. The MOU states that the TIF would require a minimum of 100 new jobs added and a project value of $42 million in exchange for $9,000,000 in TIF financing. A developer agreement will be required for TIF […]

The other night when Waukesha Mayor Nelson said negotiations were almost complete on a proposal that would add 100 jobs to the local economy, some Jeff Scrima supporters muttered, “red herring.” Today we learned 100 jobs may come from a new development by Waukesha Electric.  The timing and manner of Nelson’s announcement may have been […]