Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Update! 6:57 PM  All discussions of the BID were tabled for this evening. – JW   At tonight’s city of Waukesha finance committee meeting, the committee will be discussing the BID audit and what to do with the funds. Some property owners have found a number of questionable expenditures of BID funds that appear to […]

I bet the folks at the Waukesha Freeman will be happy to know that “Freeman Friday Night Live” is endorsing Mayor Jeff Scrima again. Hey, it’s their name attached. And here’s the Farmer’s Market endorsing Scrima again. (Which, despite what the city administrator says, is really a city asset inherited from the BID.) By the […]

Is the city of Waukesha’s Farmers Market really endorsing Jeff Scrima for mayor? That’s the inescapable conclusion if you look at their Facebook page. Were the vendors polled? Were they even asked who they want for mayor? How about the patrons? I thought the Farmer’s Market was for the benefit of the whole city? If […]