Saturday, October 21st, 2017

Goodbye to our friend Patrick and the bloggers at Badger Blogger. Nine years is a long time to blog and Patrick should be proud of the work he did over there. Hello again to our friend Steve at No Runny Eggs who slipped back into blogging when my back was turned. Congratulations tonight to Jessie […]

Seriously people, if the latest Waukesha Patch “favorites” survey results don’t inspire loathing and disgust within you for the great mass of humanity, you have no taste in seafood. Fujiyama 1 (4%) Harbor House 1 (4%) Key Westconsin 5 (23%) Meiji 1 (4%) Palmer’s Steakhouse 2 (9%) Red Lobster 7 (33%) Sakura 4 (19%) Red […]

Like thousands of other people, I was at the Romney/Ryan Homecoming Rally on Sunday. It may be one of those events like the Ice Bowl that so many more people will claim they were there than actually attended. My day at the Waukesha Expo Center inspired a guest column for who were kind enough […]

Anyone who is claiming that the mayor of the state’s 7th largest city allegedly attempting to run down a city employee with his car is not a story is living in fantasyland. However, I see Mayor Jeff Scrima’s supporters and family are out to defend him, claiming the incident where he almost his Derek Knox is […]

City of Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima may be changing course on the 2012 city budget since it became clear that he would not be able to get his garbage fee included. Waukesha Patch Editor Sarah Millard said earlier this evening on Facebook that Scrima would drop the request for the garbage fee and would instead […]

Bad news for the city of Waukesha, but not unexpected. Waukesha Patch is reporting City Administrator Lori Luther is moving to Illinois to become the County Administrator. Becoming the Peoria County administrator is a step up for Luther, who will be overseeing a budget of $110 million and 27 department heads. The county has a […]