Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Yeah, it was this close: By the way, the closest any candidate came to contacting the local political columnist (me) about the race was when Amanda Medina Roddy lit-dropped our house on Monday. Right now that does not look like it was a good strategy for the three challengers. Print this entry

Our friends at RightWisconsin asked Dave Blaska, Jerry Bader and me to join their editor Collin Roth in talking about who and what are on the ballot today. I actually put on my prognosticator pundit hat on (always dangerous) and predicted the outcomes of a number of elections in Waukesha. One race I touched on […]

Over at the MacIver Institute, I explain why Waukesha School District Superintendent Todd Gray is simply wrong about expanding school choice. I also explain that despite the scary numbers, Gray is just wrong about how much aid a school district should lose when enrollment declines because of choice. Gray does not fully explain that the […]

Waukesha Freeman June 5, 2014 Page A5 Opinion Stabbing answer not on website Macabre tale with no easy answer It’s a macabre tale. One little girl has a party for her 12th birthday. It’s followed by a sleepover with a couple of friends. The next morning the three friends go play in the park. One […]

City of Waukesha mayoral candidate Shawn Reilly issued a press release this afternoon pointing out the last-minute flip-flop by Mayor Jeff Scrima on the proposed health care clinic. The proposed health care clinic, a joint venture of Waukesha County, the city of Waukesha, and the Waukesha School District, is projected to save the city’s taxpayers […]

It’s nice to see my latest column for RightWisconsin getting some positive attention since it’s so personal to me. In the column I explain a little bit about virtual schools, why it is not homeschooling, and why school choice is so important for parents. It’s school choice week, and every parent’s choice of school for their […]

The MacIver Institute has the results of the re-certification elections for school district unions in Wisconsin. According to the MacIver Institute, “Workers rejected over 70 of 408 school district unions during annual recertification elections that ended on Thursday, according to a preliminary analysis of the results.” Nineteen teachers unions de-certified, including New Berlin, Menomonee Falls, Pewaukee, Berlin, […]

I received the following email from Waukesha School District Todd Gray yesterday in response to my Thursday column in the Waukesha Freeman. With his permission I’ve posted it below. The district grade to which I referred was actually the letter grades applied by the MacIver Institute to the grading by the Department of Public Instruction. […]

A sound school district Plan needed for underachieving schools Waukesha Freeman, Page A6 Opinion,  8/15/13 The news on Saturday was welcome news to the taxpayers in the Waukesha School District. The district indicated that, according to preliminary budget numbers, there will be a 3.78 percent drop in the property tax levy from the previous school […]

Cross-posted from The MacIver Institute: Waukesha Emphasizes Recruitment, Retention of New Teachers with Help from Act 10 July 25, 2013 by James Wigderson Special Guest Perspective for the MacIver Institute They may be tardy, but they have a note. The Waukesha School District has finally settled the teacher salary plan for the 2011-2012 school year. […]