Saturday, July 20th, 2019

I got falsely accused by the former Town of Waukesha Chairman Angie Van Scyoc of, “But now that his job is to discredit he takes issue that the husband and wife running for public office in the town will vote alike and agree on everything.” Coherent thought is not Van Scyoc’s strong suit, nor is […]

It’s the Town of Waukesha edition. A Hamm/Van Scyoc twitter account sent three tweets in my direction, all saying the same thing: Then they blocked me so I couldn’t respond. Damn. If there was only some way, some means of responding to them. The tantrum was in response to a blog post about a party at the […]

Waukesha Freeman Page A5 Opinion Town of Waukesha politics just odd Welcome to the bizarre world of Town of Waukesha politics. To steal a line from a past column, never have so many fought so hard over so little. Town Board Chairman Jhn Marek is being challenged by resident Wayne Krzyzanowski. Also running for the […]

As I explain in my column in today’s Waukesha Freeman* the Town of Waukesha’s politics are just bizarre. I mention a couple of oddities about the upcoming election and the shameful treatment of the current clerk by one faction in the town. However, let me give you one more story about the strangeness of town politics. Despite […]