Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

While I think President Barack Obama releasing the birth certificate will dry up some of the fevered-swamp thinking on his citizenship, there are some that will just never be satisfied. “I just don’t accept handouts from government officials and assume they are what they say they are, given that he’s withheld this stuff for two […]

The Weekly World News (home of space alien election predictions) reports that they have tracked the Democrats to a brothel in Springfield, IL. It’s going to be hard to tell the whores from the whores. Erpenbach accused new Republican Gov. Scott Walker of trying to rush the legislation, calling the governor’s style “dictatorial” at times. […]

From where else? The Weekly World News: BREAKING NEWS: McCain has proudly accepted the Alien’s endorsement! ROSWELL, NM – At a political rally in the infamous Roswell area, Senator John McCain acknowledged and accepted the Alien’s endorsement for his presidential run. The Arizona senator explained, “By the way, I have been here to Roswell before […]