Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Owen Robinson’s endorsed candidates made it through the primary for school board in West Bend. The talk of “flat Earthers,” book burnings, creationism, abolishing Pi, will really heat up now. How long until the first charge of racism? Print this entry

Owen Robinson has been following the issues and candidates in the upcoming West Bend School District election, and discovers there’s a lot of talk about what is not at issue. I think it’s a manufactured controversy by some zealots on the Left who are looking for an issue to oppose some specific candidates. As I […]

Owen Robinson of the blog Boots and Sabers won the MacIver Public Investigator Prize from the MacIver Institute. For his continuing coverage of the West Bend School Board, Robinson will receive a $500 cash award from the John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy, a Wisconsin-based free market think tank. “Owen’s work in West Bend […]

The police now believe Ashley Todd made up the story. I don’t begin to understand these hoaxes. West Bend just went through this with a young girl who made up a story about racism in the schools. I can’t even begin to understand the motivation except to wonder at the attention-seeking hunger of these would-be […]

Boots and Sabers has been blogging lately about the West Bend School District and the possibility that its school board will try to saddle its taxpayers with another huge tax increase referendum to replace the failed $119 million referendum from last fall. What’s wrong with West Bend? Mark Belling has often asked his callers to […]