Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Somebody will have to let me know if it’s okay for a writer covering an event to help himself to the free doughnuts. I spent Saturday morning listening to Tom Beebe of the Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools describe a “crisis” in education funding in the state and suggest, purely as a band-aid measure, raising […]

What is Ruth Page Jones spending money on?  She ran for the State Assembly against Bill Kramer in 2008 and lost.  She’s kept her campaign finance reports up to date, but I’ll be damned if I can figure out the “incurred obligation” of  $8,075.40. Her January 2009 report showed an incurred obligation of $5,861.85 to […]

There’s an idea floating around that all we need to do to help property tax payers and fund education at the same time is to increase the sales tax. Everybody wants to increase the sales tax for their pet causes, but Tom Beebe and the Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools (WAES) want to increase the […]