Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Governor Scott Walker and the state of Wisconsin received more positive economic news today. First, the federal governor confirmed the jobs numbers put out by the Department of Workforce Development that showed over 23,000 jobs were created in 2011, not a loss of 33,900 as previously thought. However, according to Walker’s administration, the final figures […]

The Oscars! The Emmys! The Grammys! And now, the Entrepreneurial Achievement Awards! The University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Office of Corporate Relations handed out the Entrepreneurial Achievement Awards on April 26th to five alumni. “UW-Madison has developed a strong and vibrant culture of entrepreneurship among our faculty, staff and students,” says Chancellor Biddy Martin. “We have […]

Cory Liebmann, formerly of the self-described “partisan” organization One Wisconsin Now, has sent an unbelievably large open records request to State Representative Leah Vukmir’s office. Among the targets of this fishing expedition is, well, me. 1. All email from 7/1/08 through 1/20/10 for Rep. Vukmir, Dean Cady and Matthew Adamczyk (only in his capacity working […]

Gore visit comes as Dems gear up for greenhouse-gas bill Hot air in the fall breeze (James Wigderson is a blogger publishing at and a Waukesha resident. His column runs Thursdays in The Freeman.) It was cold and rainy the other day. The forecast called for the upper 30s for the temperature. This is […]

It’s a regular menu of economic destruction.“Governor Doyle, would you care to order?”“Bring me all of it!” Ht: Wisconsin Club for Growth Print this entry

If there’s a lesson here, it’s double-check your Word documents before you send them out. Later that same day, Mistele sent the text of her speech to media and others, as a word document, from her personal email. If you save this word file to desktop and check “Properties,” then “Summary,” an interesting thing happens: […]

State Senator Bob Jauch is an argument for term limits, and proves it again when he compares Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce to the KKK. To steal a line from Jim Rowen, people who carelessly throw around KKK labels or images are contemptable idiots. I’m sure Rowen would agree with me in describing Jauch’s behavior as […]

You show me yours and… you show me yours. Mine will stay zipped up. Over at, I summarize the Soglin/Cap Times/WMC controversy. By the way, as a means of full disclosure, I have received $0.00 in donations since starting this blog. (You bunch of cheap bastards.) Therefore I have no conflicts of interest. Using […]

From: James Wigderson Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2008 8:43 AMTo: Dave ZweifelSubject: Soglin op-ed and quotes in articles Mr. Zweifel: Looking through the recent archives of the Capital Times concerning former Mayor Soglin and his battle with Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, I don’t see it mentioned by the Capital Times that Soglin is actually getting […]

Former Madison Mayor Paul Soglin almost seems hurt by the suggestion that anyone would be curious about who is funding his obsession with Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce. Like the Great Oz, he asks us not to peer behind the curtain as he thunders and smokes. His justification for keeping secrets is that we should be […]