Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

My sister Nan sent me this Facebook posting by local television news personality Steve Irwin from Arizona. I think the vocabulary depends on which part of Wisconsin you’re from. Before you complain about stereotyping of Wisconsinites, I’ve heard them all and then some. As the Cardinals prepare to play the Green Bay Packers in this year’s […]

#BlogConCLT Image courtesy of the MacIver Institute: I guess we can go back to calling them thugs. Print this entry

Just imagine if Wisconsin could advertise it’s life insurance program. When you say life insurance, you said it all. Wisconsin Life Insurance, for when you go forward too far. Too much cheese can clog your arteries, so remember to buy Wisconsin-brand life insurance. Close Packer game causing you a heart attack? You should have bought […]

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Meet Stephanie Klett.  Good news for Klett.  She’s already ahead of the game.  Wisconsin is probably #1 for protest tourism. Print this entry

Only 38 more amendments to go. Time to end this farce. If Democrats really believed in debate, they would actually present amendments worth debating. (Or maybe they would have allowed a debate two years ago when they passed $1 billion in tax increases without even a public hearing.) Proposing to exempt corrections facilities one at […]

Congratulations Wisconsin, you made another bottom ten list. This time, Wisconsin is on the list of the ten worst states for retirement. My first reaction was that I didn’t know states could retire. If anything, I would have thought Massachusetts would have retired first. But it turns out they meant that, if you have a […]

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue issued their quarterly economic forecast the other week, and they announced the economy is in recovery with manufacturing leading the way. Then in the fine print they mention there will still be less manufacturing jobs than last year and government is now the second largest employer in the Wisconsin economy. […]

Next Friday the Lovely Doreen from Waukesha and I are driving through Southwestern Wisconsin on our way to Galena for a few days. I’m looking for lunch suggestions both there and back. Our phone lines are open. Print this entry

Hotline is reporting that if the RNC throne ever becomes vacant, Wisconsin’s Reince Priebus would be a serious contender. Reince Priebus: The current RNC general counsel and WI GOP chair, Priebus is perhaps Steele’s closest ally on the committee. Priebus has his own fans on the committee, and if Steele decides against running, Priebus would […]