Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

I was wondering why there was a sudden surge in interest in this old story about Brendan Conway of WISN-TV shilling for the Democratic Party. Conway is leaving television to work for Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele. This way Conway only has to work for one Democrat rather than the entire Democratic Party. (More on […]

WISN-TV demonstrates once again that they will take any opportunity to take a shot at Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker without presenting any balance to their reporting. Brendan Conway (yes, that Brendan Conway) followed former Congressman Mark Neumann like a trained puppy dog as he complained about an attack mailer by Walker. Then they watched […]

I’m guessing Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett just loves the news on WISN-TV in Milwaukee. Aaron Rodriguez revisits the outrageous hit piece by Brendan Conway of WISN (I commented on it at the time). Rodriguez points out that WISN is ignoring a similar story about Barrett’s campaign for governor. Last week, it was discovered that Tom […]

I’m used to media bias but this report by Brendan Conway is one of the dumbest and most blatant hatchet jobs I have ever seen. The report is about the Walker for Governor campaign using an Ohio company to build their campaign website, a story first reported by Michael Horne who goes uncredited in the […]