Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

I realize that DOT Secretary Mark Gottlieb’s job was made tougher by the grabbing from the transportation fund by former Governor Jim Doyle, but Gottlieb needs to get his priorities straight. Whether he likes it or not, the Zoo Interchange needs to be replaced, and his boss, Governor Scott Walker, promised to make the Zoo […]

While claiming he would end the raids on the state transportation fund, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s campaign let loose this whopper the other day: Tom Barrett has long fought for a balanced, multi-modal approach to transportation that invests in infrastructure to create jobs and move people and commerce. As mayor, he supported the reconstruction of […]

While some Democrats in southeastern Wisconsin and Governor Jim Doyle believe the future is in 19th century technology and building trains, Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan (D) sees a different future for transit from Madison to Illinois. He wants to widen I-39/90 from Madison to the Illinois state line. Sheridan, a Janesville Democrat, said rebuilding and […]

The only thing more frustrating than road construction in the Zoo Interchange is knowing that in a few years they are going to have to do the whole thing all over again. In this week’s article for the MacIver Institute, I write about the Zoo Interchange and how we got to the point where we […]

Greg Kowalski notes the dates for the upcoming public hearings on expanding the Zoo Interchange: The first public meeting for the Zoo Interchange will be on Wednesday at the Tommy G. Thompson Youth Center @ State Fair Park from 3-7pm. The second meeting will take place May 29th at the Wauwatosa West High School cafeteria […]